Dark Star 12 oz. Soy Candle in Upcycled Wine Bottle

    Sweet, effervescent grapes crashes with light nuances of rose and geranium pouring into a background of patchouli and warm musk.

    Top notes: grape
    Middle notes: fruity, rose, geranium
    Bottom notes: patchouli, musk

    All of our candles are made with 100% all-natural soy wax, hand-poured in small batches and blended with the maximum ratio of fully-concentrated fragrance oil (almost double the recommended amount), to make the best smelling, long burning candles. We use a hemp wick because hemp is more sustainable than cotton and burns hotter to improve the fragrance throw.

    Our 12 oz. candle containers are handcrafted from wine bottles using a 4-step cold-working process to repurpose the bottles into usable, upcycled containers for our candles. We use a wet saw to hand-cut the glass, then we use the flat lapidary wheel to: grind away any imperfections or chipping, pre-polish the now smooth edge, and polish to add shine back onto the glass.

    12 oz. wine bottle candles: Up to 120 hours

    Our natural soy candles are au naturel: no artificial colors or dyes.


    • Always trim wick to 1/4 inch before lighting. We recommend using a wick trimmer for candles in narrow containers, like our bottles.
    • Allow top of candle to pool entirely with each burn.
    • Do not burn longer than 4 hours at a time. To maximize burn time, we recommend burning in 2-3 hour increments.
    • If the flame gets too tall it may cause cracks in the glass. Keep your wick trim.
    • Wick dippers are handy to extinguish the flame without any smoke and re-center the wick after each burn.
    • Here are 8 Tips to Help You Burn the Perfect Candle

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christina Betz (Philadelphia, US)
Dark Star or Karma?

This is my favorite scent that I've had so far. It reminds me of the Karma soap from Lush - clean and sweet, but not overly perfume-y. It gives the room a really nice comforting, but energetic, vibe so it works really well in a bedroom or living room!

Thaleena L (Saint Paul, US)

This is my 4th candle scent I have bought from Lit up. I didn't think it was possible that I could like anything more than the Horsing Around line, and Karma, which was the first I bought from the Hippie Collection, but I absolutely love Dark Star. Hard to explain the scent, maybe a little patchouli, not overwhelming at all, backed up with some Jovan type Musk, which I love. I burned it to cover up the smell from a pan of fried onions, and within a half hour the house was filled with the soft sexy smell. I use the melted liquid from the candle like a body oil and it leaves my skin so incredibly soft and sexy smelling.

Rafael Rodriguez (Philadelphia, US)
Nice scented Candle, But would do better in a small enclosed room

I love the smell of this candle however it seems to me that it was meant for a small room (ex. Bedroom). I would not recommend this candle for a large space such as a living room or kitchen area as it just does not permeate through out the room well.


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