Back in the Saddle scented 8 oz. soy candle in upcycled beer bottle - FKA Tack Box

    Formerly Known As: Tack Box. The familiar, comforting scent of fresh leather with a woody, musky base. Nostalgic. 

    Top: cedar. 
    Middle: leather. 
    Bottom: musk. 

    "Back in the Saddle" by Aerosmith

    Our soy candles are made with 100% all-natural soy wax, blended with the maximum ratio of fully-concentrated fragrance oil (almost double the recommended amount), and hand-poured in small batches to make the best-smelling, clean-burning, long-lasting candles. We use a hemp wick because hemp is more sustainable than cotton and burns hotter to help strengthen the scent and improve fragrance throw.

    Our 8 oz. candle containers are crafted in-house from beer bottles using a 4-step cold-working process to repurpose bottles into usable, upcycled containers. First, we use a wet tile saw to hand-cut the glass; then we use the flat lapidary wheel to grind away any imperfections or chipping, pre-polish the now smooth edge, and polish to add shine back onto the glass.

    100% Soy Wax, Organic Fragrance Oil (Natural Ingredients, Essential Oils), Hemp Wick. Non-toxic. No artificial colors or dyes. Phthalate free. Paraben free. Vegan. Gluten free. Crafted in USA. 

    Approx. 2.4” DIA x 4.9” L
    Net Weight 8 oz. (227 g)

    Up to 60 hours


    • Before lighting candle, trim wick to 1/4 inch; and, always trim wick before each burn. This ensures the candle flame doesn’t grow too tall, get too hot, and evaporate the scented wax more quickly; therefore, extending the life of your candle.
    • We highly recommend keeping a wick trimmer handy to easily cut and discard wicks before each burn.
    • Allow top of candle to pool or liquify entirely with each burn to maintain a level candle top and avoid tunneling.
    • To maximize life of candle, do not burn candle longer than 4 hours at a time.
    • Here are 8 Tips to Help You Burn the Perfect Candle

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ellen Jackson (Indianapolis, US)
Almost The Best

Dear Litup Candle People,
While I value the intent and inventiveness of your glass recycling efforts, this is not why I would buy more of your wares. Your fragrances are 100% wonderful. I spend more than most people on my olfactory senses, and I’m usually dissatisfied by the low quality aroma of 95% of the candles I buy, but not yours. My purchase included four fragrance profiles and all were gorgeous. I’m particularly impressed by your achievement of a legitimate leather note in your Tack Box fragrance. Bravo! All of the candles I purchased were perfect in their ability to fill a room without overpowering. They’re obviously made from natural botanicals, which is a requirement of mine.
I’m inclined to try more of your creations and share them with others, but the reason I’m giving a 4* review instead of a 5* review is important. You guys gotta fix your shipping systems. I was highly disappointed by how long it took for you to deliver your product. I know times have been tough in the realm of high demand for fast delivery. But I planned ahead and placed my order early to avoid problems and still, the package arrived after I left town for the holidays. This forced me to buy new gifts instead of giving your candles as I intended. There was no indication from your company advising me that you ship on the slow boat and there was no communication about a delivery date. I was lucky that my neighbor collected the box (and held it for two weeks) instead of a porch pirate. I’m still feeling annoyed by this debacle in light of the fact that I ordered many things (several from other continents) the same day I placed my order at Litup, and they all arrived in half the time with standard shipping. I beg you to focus on your shipping methodology/communication. Improving that will make you guys the absolute best in class, IMO. Best wishes in 2022.

Thank you for your kind words and honest feedback, Ellen. We sincerely value you and your input. While this holiday season brought many unforeseen challenges behind-the-scenes, we agree that we absolutely could have done a better job with communication. We know how important it is to ship orders in a timely manner during the holiday season, and are working on implementing changes to help us move through the holidays much smoother going forward. Please check your email with our sincere apologies.

Danielle Goddard (Philadelphia, US)
5 stars

Smells exactly as described. Wonderful scent!

Adrienne Wolfe (Bainbridge Island, US)
Love the leather smell

Yep, seems just like a freshly shaped saddle 😀We really enjoy it and the scent is strong and long-lasting.


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