Custom Candles & Private Label Candles

custom candles

Do you want to create private label candles for your brewery, winery, restaurant, retail store or business?

Are you looking for custom candles for your business, clients or events?

In search of custom candles to gift as favors for your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or other celebration?

Let us help! We have 20 years of experience making candles before we founded Lit Up Candle Co. in 2015. You are welcome to use our stock fragrances and candle containers, or customize your candles however you like:

  • Fragrances
    • Stock: We offer 25 diverse, complex organic fragrances.
    • Supplier: We have access to thousands of ready-made fragrances from our trusted suppliers and are happy to make recommendations based on what you're looking for. 
    • Custom: We also have the ability to work directly with our perfumer to develop a completely custom fragrance. (Please note: the minimum to create a custom fragrance is 500 candles.)

  • Wax & Color
    • We work exclusively with all-natural soy wax and do not use any dyes in our candles. 

  • Candle Containers
    • Stock Bottles:
      • 8 oz. candles handcrafted in upcycled brown beer bottles
      • 12 oz. candles handcrafted in upcycled clear and green wine bottles
    • Custom Bottles: We're happy to work with your bottles! Simply mail us your empty containers and we'll send them back as custom candles.
    • Custom Containers: We're happy to use any custom containers that you send us. Requires additional upfront time and cost for testing before production can begin.

  • Labels
    • Custom Labels: we're happy to use your design or help you design labels, print and apply the custom labels during production.
    • White Label: if you'd like to print and apply your own labels, we're happy to send you blank candles.

Minimum for custom candles is 50 per fragrance and/or label design. Pricing varies based on how much you want to customize your candles. Bulk pricing discounts are available on larger orders.

Please submit the form below and let's start collaborating.