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Lit Up Candle Co. was founded by Stacey and PJ, two beer and music lovers with a candle-making problem, on a mission to promote sustainability.

As a DIYer-at-heart, Stacey began making candles in college. Shortly after Stacey and PJ started dating 15 years later, PJ showed interest in learning one of her hobbies by surprising her with a much better bottle cutter than the used one from eBay with 1960's packaging that she'd been using. They immediately got to work; and, it took over a month to create 80 candles for their first event, a local beer festival, where they were pleasantly surprised by the customer response. Initially, they used the original product labels and a wide variety of beer and wine bottles; but after a few events they realized that to brew Lit Up into the business they visualized it could become, they needed to remove the original labels and brand their own products. So, they got to work.

What started as a couple’s shared hobby and side gig quickly grew into something more. Lit Up LLC was officially established in 2015. They upgraded from a bottle cutter and belt sander to a wet tile saw and flat lap wheel, and continued making investments and improvements as they grew. In 2017 they took the leap: Stacey and PJ stepped away from their day jobs and into the business full-time. Lit Up sells direct to consumer via our website, in-person at events, wholesale, and is stocked by hundreds of retailers nationwide.

Stacey and PJ took another leap in 2019 and got married. They currently live in Decatur, Georgia with their two rescue pitties, Rizah and Sally. When they’re not working, you’ll likely find them bowling, playing board games, hiking, or at a concert (which is actually where they met and then got engaged).

In addition to handcrafting sustainable products, Lit Up makes every effort to run a sustainable business. To reduce our carbon footprint, we work with local suppliers. We use eco-friendly packing materials, such as biodegradable peanuts, and reduce waste by reusing any packing materials we acquire during production to fulfill orders. Although the Atlanta-area municipalities stopped recycling glass, we sort all unused glass by color and periodically deliver it to our local recycling center. 

We pour a lot of love and intention into our handcrafted, sustainable products so you can enjoy high-quality home fragrance that's eco-friendly, sustainable, long-lasting, and fills your space. 


Stacey & PJ

P.S. Please join us in our effort to reduce, reuse & recycle. Read our blog to learn how to clean and repurpose used candle containers. You'll find more upcycling and repurposing ideas on our Pinterest page.

Lit Up Candle Co. Founders

Co-Founders/Owners: PJ CARROLL & STACEY FISH

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