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Witches Brew Soy Candle


This will fill up the whole house. Definitely worth the money.


Could not smell the candle at all!

Not very fragrant

I met these folks at the Southern Christmas Show last year and purchased a Beautiful Day candle. It fills the house up with beautiful fragrance, and when it got used up I ordered another one of them and this Lotus Blossom as well. So far I've been disappointed in the amount of smell that the Lotus Blossom candle puts out. It almost seems like the only thing I'm smelling is the wick burning. I hope it gets better as I use it more, but so far it's just kind of nothing, fragrance-wise. I hate to say anything negative cause these folks are so nice, and it's such a cool product with the recycled beer bottles and all. This might just be one of those scents that's really subtle, and I'll just wait to pick out another one when I see them at the show again.


Lotus Blossom Soy Candle

Absolutely Amazing

The scent is heavenly!

So good.....

Smells amazing, first bought this in a little shop up at the IU Bloomingtom campus. Its great!!

Squeeky clean

This candle has the most fresh scent imaginable. Perfect blend of fruity, floral, and musk. This would be the perfect candle to burn while taking a bath


The absolute best! The orange notes in this candle remind me of the smell they would pump into the original Soarin ride in Epcot

My favorite

THE BEST! For real, this is my go to scent. I definitely prefer musky scents to floral and this whole collection delivers.

Two Thumbs Up

Such a comforting scent to burn at the end of a long day when I just want to relax. It smells fresh and musky at the same time


This candle is the perfect blend of peace, love, floral, and musk✌️

Love the candles - great smell

We got 4 candles all in boxes at a beerfest and the glass was broken on one of them. Make sure to check your candle before you purchase.


Teakwood & Cardamom Soy Candle

Smells Lovely

This company always provides quality candles that smell amazing. The scent fills the room! I would definitely purchase again and highly recommend!

One of my favorites !

Witches Brew is one of my favorite ones I am obsessed with this candle got two because I do not want to run out anytime soon , these shop has the best quality candles dont think twice and place an order !

Smells Amazing !

I am absolutely in love with these candles, they smell amazing! and last a really looooong time , the owner is very nice and kind totally recommend this shop 100% !!!!


Love the fragrance!!

Very Pleased

I love candles and am so happy with the fragrance and longevity of the burn of these candles. The aesthetic of the brand is also nice.


The fragrance from this candle is awesome! Best believe I will be a repeat customer.

No more bugs during open window season !

Amazing scent not offensive.... this citronella candle does the job of repelling those tiny mosquitos ....... indoor and outdoors as well! Must try !


Beautiful Day Soy Candle


Fresh Bamboo Soy Candle

Love this scent!

I love this candle! It smells very nice and puts me in a peaceful relaxed state of being!


Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper Soy Candle