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Love Love!

The Cashmere candle is my absolute favorite Lit Up scent. I will continue to be a repeat customer.

Nice candle

Nice candle ,great quality , really like to smell of it , will repurchase.

Wonderful Christmastime scented 12 oz. soy candle in upcycled wine bottle - FKA Christmas Hearth

Smells crate

The candle has become one of my faves but the wick is not the best quality. I have not any candle do this but it puffs out overtime whiles it’s burning

We appreciate your rating and kinds words, Marlee. Thank you for letting us know about the wick issue. We've never had any feedback about a wick going out before. To help us better understand the issue, please check your email. Thanks so much.

Best Scent re: Strength I've Experienced from LitUp

All of LitUp's candles are made incredibly well. No fake "fragrance/parfum" that even the supposedly high-end candle makers use. I always liked how LitUp uses only essential oils.

But to the product itself: I am not a coffee person, per se. I enjoy a good cup from a cafe, especially if the barista knows how to truly make a great cup. Still, I absolutely adored this scent. It's very neutral too in that men and women should enjoy it equally. Highly recommended. Can't believe this is the first review. If you, too, are not a coffee person, you'll love this candle the same as the old-school, "I take my coffee black, and need it the second I wake up!" folks.

Lastly, I'd ask LitUp to try ambitious scent combinations more often, like the one in Black Coffee. It truly allows the room to immerse itself into the burning wax. They have a variety of winter themed candles that are fairly similar in that sense. But they're woodsy scents, as amazing as they are, just wished they could be a bit stronger.

P.S. A note to management, if you guys read these -- When living in the city, I went to a candle making shop. Any essential oils and organic scents could be used, so everyone could make their individualized candle. I imagine that may be tough to do for online orders, but if feasible, that'd be a lot of fun. Certainly could corner the market. Even if not, please continue using teakwood in every "manly candle" you sell. It's the best, imho.

Lilac blossoms everywhere!

Great product and great owners. Met at the Collingswood street festival and chatted a bit and took a business card. Went on line and easily picked out and ordered 4 candles. LOVE them all, but lilac blossoms will have you believing that there are lilac bushes in your house all year long. They are a must!

Love it

Love this candle , the scent it’s amazing and long lasting .

My favorite Sent

I love this I pair it with a bottle of Rose Champagne

A great scent!

On cold sniff the candle smells almost powdery but in a good way and when burning the layers come out and it's a glorious combination that truly lives up to its name. The 3 oz. size is perfect for a small space as the candle gives off a decent throw.

Santal Scent

I love this scent, it is very clean with a little floral. Not at all overwhelming and I should buy more before they are gone.

Sweet & Smokey

Good throw without overpowering the room. Have received multiple compliments on it.

A Hazy Shade of Winter scented 12 oz. soy candle in upcycled wine bottle - FKA Alpine Cheer


Im obsessed with this smell!! it gives so much throw. you wont be disappointed.

Strange Brew scented 8 oz. soy candle in upcycled beer bottle - FKA Witches Brew

Soy Wax Melt

The aroma of the Clear Your Mind wax melt is vibrant with scent! Makes my house smell delicious!

best candles ever

Knock on wood is the best son ever


I haven't actually burned this candle, but I gifted it to my daughter-in-law, and when I had a chance to sniff it, I knew I had to have it. To me, it's Christmas in a candle.

Thank you so much for your 5-star rating, PBetz! We appreciate your kind words and you taking the time to write a review. We hope your daughter-in-law loves her candle. Cheers!

The smell makes me Happy!

I love citrus and this candle nails it! It's a wonderful bright scent.

Thank you so much for your 5-star rating, Melissa! We appreciate your kind words and you taking the time to write a review. Cheers!

The scent was so realistic and wonderful!
It was like having a Christmas tree in the house!

Thank you so much for your 5-star rating, Anne! We appreciate your kind words and you taking the time to write a review. Cheers!

Unbelievable (In a great way!)

I am a guy of whom never really knew how much I appreciated “real” candles. Have seen folks spend WAY too much money on fake, fragranced candles that are terrible. These are the complete opposite — especially this woody scent. I think any sensible person would love it, male or female. But for any guys who just want a nice scent in their home or x-room, this is terrific. I really haven’t had any bad experiences with their products. They’re real and authentically fragrant. Really enjoyed this Knock on Wood. Would get it again in a heartbeat. (Actually, I just did!)

Tom, thank you so much for your 5-star rating and taking the time to write an authentic and descriptive review. We sincerely appreciate you and your unbelievably kind words.

Christmas from childhood

My family and I love the smell of this candle! It has that classic Christmas sent that we remember from childhood. I bought four more at the end of the season and packed them away for next year!

Holiday gifts

I bought these for gifts for a party I was hosting! The scenes of the candles were amazing. The only thing that was not great was how hot the tin gets.

Wonderful Christmastime scented 8 oz. soy candle in upcycled beer bottle - FKA Christmas Hearth

A Great Gift

I ordered this as a gift. I sniffed it before wrapping it and was really impressed by the fresh, Christmasy scent.


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